The site of Mubarak Mosque has be regarded as a holy one for centuries.

1128 (The origins of The Holy Ground)

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In 1128, the area where Islamabad is situated was owned by Waverley Abbey. The Abbey was established about 1.2km north of the Islamabad and was the first Cistercian House established in England.

The Cistercians were noted for their determination to return to monastic purity and poverty, concentrating on physical labour. During this time it is believed that the exact area were Mubarak mosque is located got its name as the Holy Ground. This name has stuck with the Tilford Locals even until this day.


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The Islamabad site, Sheephatch Camp School at Tilford, was built in 1939. Its main buildings were designed by Thomas S. Tait of Sir John Burnet, Tait and Laine architects. During the war it housed evacuees from Ruckholt Road Central School in Leyton. In 1946, Surrey County Council leased the site from The National Camps Corporation and maintained it as a co-educational boarding school until its closure in 1977.

The land was acquired by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in 1984.

1984-2019: Islamabad

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The Community purchased this land under the direct guidance of the then spiritual head His Holiness Mirza Tahir Ahmad to cater for the communities educational and spiritual needs. The site became a centre for carrying out its goals in serving humanity.

His Holiness Mirza Tahir Ahmad renamed the Sheephatch site to Islamabad, meaning ‘The Abode of Peace’.

Today: Islamabad

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Between 2015 and 2019 Islamabad went through a major redevelopment. At this time the old 1939 barracks were demolished and new fit for purpose buildings erected to serve the community. This included a purpose-built mosque.

The re-development also features a multi-purpose hall with a sustainable green roof, Administrative and educational blocks and residential units.

The new development utilises many sustainable features such as, Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal and Building Automation systems to improve energy efficiency.

Mubarak Mosque

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The first prayer to be offered on this site was lead by his holiness Mirza Tahir Ahmad the fourth spiritual head of the community in 1985. Subsequently, The first mosque was established in one of the existing barracks and was named Bait-us-Salaam, ‘The House of Peace’.

During the re-development of the site, a new purpose-built mosque was constructed. The foundation stone of the Mosque was laid by the late Mr Osman Chou who was an esteemed scholar of the community. The construction was completed in 2019 and the Mosque was inaugurated delivered by his holiness Mirza Masoor Ahmad on Friday 17th May 2019.

The mosque has some unique architectural features that are designed to blend it into its natural environment. The organic form of the roof is corrugated with 32 fins as well as being twisted. This form is replicated on the inside face of the mosque which is ornated with calligraphy art.

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